FilGoal | News | Weiler: I prefer the painful truth to the comfortable lie .. I do not regret leaving Al-Ahly


Rene Fyler, former Al-Ahly coach, said he does not regret his decision to leave the Red Castle.

“I currently enjoy spending time with my family in my home in Zurich,” Vyler said in an interview with the Swiss newspaper Blake.

He added, “We were very successful with Al-Ahly, but I felt resentful due to the Corona crisis and my distancing from my family. We did not meet for months. On October 1 there was a clause in my contract that allowed me to leave or continue for another year, and now I see that my early departure was a correct decision, I missed my family.” “.

He continued: “Football in Egypt is very enthusiastic and strong, it is the first popular game there, before the Corona virus and before the deaths that occurred as a result of the riot, the stadiums were filled with 80,000 fans per match, but this number was then reduced to 40,000 as a maximum. “.

He admitted, “I was not able to move freely in Cairo. That was impossible. I was isolated most of the time in the hotel.”

He revealed: “I contacted Christian Gross because he knew Egypt and the Egyptian League, and he told me that it was an exciting and enthusiastic competition and enjoyed great professionalism.”

He added: “I hope that Gross will succeed in saving Schalke, I think he is the right man, he has a lot of experience, it takes great calm to deal with the criticisms coming towards him from all sides, no one imagined that Schalke would live this situation mathematically and economically.”

Regarding the fact that he received an offer from Nantes last month, he explained: “Regardless of the question, my priority now is to recover from the difficult time I went through.”

He justified his lack of success in his time with Lucerne: “My style is completely different from Lucerne Club, I was very demanding and direct, however, Lucerne can compete for the league title one day.”

He noted: “One of the values ​​I live by is my preference for painful facts over comfortable lies. I don’t like when people say what the other person wants to hear.”

“I always want to be honest with my family and friends. Lies are comfortable for some time, but everything will explode at some point. Sometimes facts make you angry, but sooner or later the situation will be better.”

He concluded: “I liked how Muller responded strongly to the journalist after leaving the German Cup. That was an honest response, and I have that capacity as well.”

Fyler left Al-Ahly at the beginning of last October, after winning the Egyptian League title, to be succeeded by Pitso Mosimani, who led the team to the African Champions League final before beating Zamalek and winning the ninth.

The name Fyler has been associated with several clubs recently, most notably the French Nantes and Sheffield Wednesday, but he stresses that the priority is for his family in the current period.


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