Finally … the World Health Organization team arrives at the “Wuhan Market”


Team members were seen walking through sections of the Baishazzo market – one of the largest Wet markets at ووهان Surrounded by a large group of Chinese officials and representatives.

Members visited, experienced in Veterinary Medicine Virology and food safety science EpidemicsSo far, there are two hospitals in the Early Epidemic Center – Wuhan Jinentan Hospital and Hubei Integrated Hospital for Chinese and Western Medicine.

Saturday they also visited an exhibit devoted to the early history of a virus Covid-19.

Intervals World Health Organization The Geneva-based company said on Twitter, Thursday, that the team plans to visit hospitals and markets such as the Huanan Seafood Market, which is linked to many of the first cases.

They also have included Wuhan Institute For virology and laboratories in the facilities they will visit, including the Wuhan Center for Disease Control.

A single visit by scholars is unlikely to confirm an origin Virus. Determining which animal may have been the source of the virus is usually a comprehensive endeavor that takes years of research, including animal sampling, genetic analysis and epidemiological studies.

One possibility is that a wildlife hunter may have passed the virus onto the dealers who carried it to ووهان.

The exact timeline for the experts’ work remains unclear, and the tweets they release, and those from the World Health Organization, remain the primary source of information.

And on Saturday, Michael Ryan, Director of Emergency Operations at the organization, said: “I want to warn everyone: success in an investigation involving animal-to-human transmission is not necessarily measured by finding a source during the first mission.”

He continued, “These are complex things, and what we need to do is collect all data and information, summarize all discussions (…) and what are the additional studies to reach the answer.”

But Ryan remained vague about the details of the expert group’s schedule in Wuhan, despite speaking of it being “very busy”.

Ryan indicated that visits will be made to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and to a market in the city where animals were sold, as the virus could have been transmitted to humans.

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