“Flower Bouquet” denies the rumor of the separation of Wafaa Al Kilani and Tim Hassan


02:13 PM

Sunday 03 January 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Social media pioneers circulated several photos of Wafaa Al-Kilani, from the condolences of the late Hatem Ali in Syria.

Among the pictures was one of “Bouquet Ward”, written on it: “My warmest condolences, Tim Hassan and Wafa Al-Kilani,” which confirmed the invalidity of the rumor that they had recently experienced, and talked about their separation.

This is the first appearance of Tim Hassan and Wafa Al Kilani together, after rumors spread in the previous period about their final separation, as mentioned by “Et” in Arabic.

Tim Hassan married Wafaa Al Kilani in 2017, in a surprise to the public, after a love story that brought them together.


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