For the reconciliation to be real .. Parliamentary: Qatar must stop its support for intercourse


07:38 PM

Tuesday 05 January 2021


Dr. Ayman Mahsab, a member of Parliament for the Wafd Party, said that Egypt is managing the external file; Whether regionally or internationally, distinctly since 2014 until now, pointing out that the Egyptian street stands behind its political leadership with full force; Especially with regard to Egypt’s position on reconciliation with Qatar.

In a statement today, Tuesday, Mahsab said: Certainly, the Al-Ula summit in Saudi Arabia represents a major step in ending the dispute with Qatar, appreciating the role that Kuwait has played in this regard.

The deputy stressed that Egypt is a large country and is well aware of the interests of the rest of the Arab countries as part of its moves. Gulf security is a red line for Egypt.

The member of Parliament pointed out that Qatar is required to stop its support for extremist religious groups. At its head is the terrorist Brotherhood if it seriously desires to end the conflict, and its media arm, Al-Jazeera, is required to stop attacking Arab countries and stop any offenses against Arabs. So that there is real reconciliation acceptable to the Arab countries, especially Egypt.

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