Galatasaray announces through heroics that Mustafa Muhammad’s arrival has stalled due to recruitment … and the fate of the deal


Galatasaray, a club competing in the Turkish League Championship, explained the real reason behind the travel delay of the former Zamalek striker, Mustafa Mohammed, For 24 hours to join them and participate in group exercises.

Mustafa Muhammad was supposed to arrive at Istanbul airport yesterday evening, Saturday, but his plane was delayed until today due to some travel papers that the player and his agent are working in coordination with Galatasaray to solve.

Some Turkish reports stated that there are problems with the army papers of the Egyptian international player to obtain permission to travel to Turkey due to official holidays in Egypt in government and military facilities at the recruitment headquarters.

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Mustafa Mohammed

وتواصل “” With one of the reliable sources inside the Galatasaray Club, who refused to be named to comment on the matter and to know its truth, and said: “Yes, this is unfortunately true.”

He added, “I do not know when this problem will be solved, but we hope that Mustafa will be on board the plane flying this evening to Istanbul, which will take off from Cairo airport at exactly 9:25 pm.”

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And by asking the source if this problem may affect a contract Galatasaray With Mustafa Mohamed, or there will be any reversal of the deal, he replied: “There is no problem, the contracts have been signed and the player has become official in our club.”


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