Geraldos position with Al-Ahly is not good


Media confirmed Ahmed Schubert The Angolan Giraldo da Costa, player of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, did not accept to be placed on the waiting list, after Congolese Walter Bwalya was placed instead of him in the red team list during the current winter transfer period.
وقال Schubert Through his radio program: “The regulations in the back of the player … Geraldos position with Ahly It is not good for me, and the player clings to obtaining his full financial rights, even if he does not participate in the Red Club matches. “
He added, “There is no way for Al-Ahly but to reach solutions with the player because the provisions of the law and FIFA regulations are on his side, which do not recognize the so-called waiting lists.”The Al-Ahly club had completed the procedures of registering the Zambian striker Walter Bwalya in its local list to announce its readiness to face Ceramica Cleopatra, scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, in the sixth phase of the League competition, and the Angolan Geraldo was transferred to the waiting list based on the decision of the Football Association that was made on the first of January.

The Al-Ahly administrative staff registered Bwalia, Mahmoud Metwally, Karim Nedved and Mohamed Mahmoud in the local list after the registration door was opened to 35 players.


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