Global Health reveals 7 tips for safe driving in the fog .. Infograph


The World Health Organization has issued a set of tips for safe driving during water fogging, and the organization said: The safest and best advice is to avoid driving a car during the fog until the vision is good.

The World Health Organization added in a leaflet: If you are forced to drive while on the spot, follow the following safe driving instructions for your safety and the safety of those around you on the road, which include:

1- Slow down the car’s speed before entering the fog.

2- The safety distance between your car and the car in front of you must be doubled.

3 – Turn on all the car’s lights, including parking lights, and use the alarm machine at intervals until others notify you of your presence.

4- Control the steering wheel well with the wipers running continuously to ensure visibility.

5 – Take into account the presence of good ventilation inside the car so as not to form a water fog inside the car.

6- In the event that the car breaks down, it is kept at the far right of the road and completely away from the road river, with all lights turned on and not getting off the car so as not to endanger your life and call the relief number (01221110000).

7 – The need to adhere to the basic rules for safe driving for the sake of road safety and the reduction of traffic accidents, which include: fastening the seat belt, not using a mobile phone, making sure of the safety of tires, making sure that all parts of the car are fit before traveling.

Tips for safe driving in the fog

Tips for safe driving in the fog


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