Gold prices are down 3 pounds, and 21 karat, to the lowest level in 2021


Gold prices fell today, Thursday, for the second time, at a value of 3 pounds, after a decrease of 4 pounds this morning, to go down to its lowest level during 2021, with the continued decline in the price of an ounce of gold in the world, and the 21-carat gold, which is the best-selling in Egypt, scored 805 pounds per gram, which is the lowest price Gold record during 2021.

Gold prices today:

The 18 caliber recorded 690 pounds.

Caliber 21 recorded 805 pounds.

Caliber 24 recorded 920 pounds.

The gold pound is 6440 pounds.

An ounce of gold is $ 1840.

Gold prices today, Thursday, fell globally as US Treasury yields and the dollar rebounded, while investors awaited details about the next US President Joe Biden’s proposal to stimulate the economy.

In spot transactions, gold fell 0.1% to $ 1842.51 an ounce, while US gold futures fell 0.8% to $ 1839.80.

Reports said that Biden’s plan to provide aid to alleviate the repercussions of the Corona virus, which is scheduled to be announced later today, has cost about $ 2 trillion in the yield of the standard ten-year US Treasury bonds to rise near the highest level in ten months and helped raise the dollar.

“The fiscal stimulus will strengthen the economic recovery, which leads to higher real interest rates and also raises hopes of a cut by the Federal Reserve, on the other hand, that will increase inflation expectations,” said Margaret Yang, an economist at the Daily Fix.

She added that gold will face difficulties at these price levels, as the stimulus affects it positively and negatively.

Investors will focus on getting more indications about the outlook for monetary policy in the United States when US Central Bank President Jerome Powell participates in a hypothetical event by 1730 GMT.


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