Hanadi Muhanna amazes the viewers of Her Excellency by cooking her on air for her husband and Isad Younes


The media, Esaad Younes, hosted both the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh and his wife Hanadi Muhanna, in the latest episodes of her distinguished program “Her Excellency,” which is broadcast on the DNC channel, and is considered one of the special programs that get high viewing rates.

Hanadi Muhanna cooks for her husband and Issaad Younes in Her Excellency

It is also mentioned that Hanadi Muhanna cooked pasta with soup and zucchini during her meeting with soup and zucchini, which she presented to be eaten by Ahmed Khaled Saleh and Washaad Younes, and the episode received high viewing rates, and she amazed many followers and the artist Isaad Younes that she knows the basics Cooking and kitchen are among the most special things in the episode.

Also, Muhanna confirmed that she is keen on the constant presence of perfumes and creams in the kitchen, because she uses them after cooking, specifically during her exit from the kitchen, and her husband Ahmed Khaled Saleh caressed her while entering the kitchen, and the duo entered into a distinct comedic link with the media, Esaad Younes, which is That won the admiration of many.


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