Hanan Mutawa with her daughter “Amalia” in front of the Christmas tree: the most beautiful thing in my life


Hanan Mutawa appeared during her celebration of the New Year, as she made sure that the celebration was in the company of her daughter, “Amalia”, as they appeared together in front of the Christmas tree in one of the places during a photo that she published through her official account on the Instagram site, and wrote: “The most beautiful thing in my life” in A reference to her daughter, and she added: “Every year you are good, Lord, Happy New Year will be upon you.”

Hanan Mutawa with her daughter
Hanan Mutawa with her daughter

On the other hand, the artist, Hanan Mutawa, said earlier, specifically on New Year’s Eve 2021, that she is very happy because she worked with the United Company for Media Services and would like to work with works of her pure production. ” And before that, it was against an unknown and simple one, because I worked with them in partnership, with big companies such as Aroma and Bint Al-Kabylie, and there were many beautiful experiences and I hope they will be repeated, O Lord.

She added, during a telephone interview with the program of confrontation with the media, when Gabriel broadcasted on the Extra News channel: The last 8 years there has been a big boom because film directors entered television at a time when there are historical series produced in other countries, and we are the source of industry in the Arab world, which led to a beautiful competition. So we returned to the leadership again, because the technologies have become very modern cinematic, and also after the entry of the film directors, we became more sophisticated and compete with ourselves and try to avoid the mistakes of the past years, and I thank the production very much, but I cannot thank the production only because there are directors, workshops and youth, and there is new blood that has entered the field.

And she continued: I like the varieties as well as I like the talk show, Madame Esaad Younes and Mona El Shazly, and currently the entire Cairo lockdown and the possibility of entering the series of the period that is coming.


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