Hansen is the best hand in the world: The Egyptian national team is talented and Yahya Khaled is a great player


Mikel Hansen, the Denmark national team player and one of the best players in the world, talked about his country’s qualification for the final match of the World Championship – Egypt 2021, and the secret of the superiority of the Danish team since 2015, and his opinion in the organization.

Hansen led his country to the World Cup Final in Egypt 2021, bringing the defending champion closer to a new step towards standing on the podium for the second time in a row..

Denmark’s top scorer and sixth-scorer in the world championship so far with 41 goals for the official website of the tournament said, “We have to prepare for the Sweden team well. The confrontation will be difficult in front of a team that has many young elements and great talents. We have to win first and then think about anything after that.”“.

Hansen stressed that the secret of the strength of the Denmark generation that has changed the handball map in the world since 2015 is the wonderful talent, saying, “We have wonderful young talents, and are trained at the highest level, the whole environment is suitable for success, we combine youth with experiences and we can continue for many years in the future. Everyone is working towards it“.

The player who won the title of the best player in the world 3 times in his history, the last of them in 2018, went to talk about the surprises of the tournament, saying, “There are many surprises, most notably what the Sweden national team offers, they have great young players, who give an amazing performance, they deserve to be in the final match.”“.

Hansen talked about the Egyptian team, the host of the event, stressing that it appeared in a great level, saying, “A talented team has great players, including Yahya Khaled, who presents great levels with FC Fisbrim.”“.

About his opinion on Egypt’s organization of the event in light of the current circumstances and the spread of the Corona virus, Hansen said, “I think the situation is complicated and difficult for everyone. We are satisfied with everything, and the current measures were the best solution.”“.


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