He called the doctor accused of harassment under examination .. He blackmailed one of his victims with my video


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Wednesday 27 January 2021

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:

The Public Prosecution seized the phone of the doctor accused of harassing men inside his clinic in the Dokki area, and he was seized and sent to the Technical Aid Department to examine it and unpack its contents.

The prosecution also requested that the video clips that the accused kept and recorded to blackmail his clients to continue practicing homosexuality.

The Public Prosecution also confronted the doctor who harassed men with practicing homosexuality with one of his clients for 3 years inside his dental clinic in Dokki, where it was found that he was installing cameras inside his clinic and videotaped these practices, and he used these clips to threaten the young man who was practicing homosexuality with him to continue In practicing these disgraceful acts with him, and that the young man was obedient to his requests, and he used to come to him whenever he called him immediately, for fear of threatening him that he would publish these clips on his Facebook account, and the prosecution ordered his imprisonment

The prosecution’s investigations revealed that the doctor molested individuals, including an actor, a singer, and two other young men, inside his clinic in Dokki, and that one of the victims responded to him and practiced homosexuality with him over several years. When one of them spoke on Facebook, the others submitted complaints to the Public Prosecutor against him. And it appears from the statements of the victims that the accused was harassing them in his clinic at the time of commencing his work.

The victims were unanimously agreed that the accused was harassing them at the time he examined them and examined their teeth, and that the accused asked them to practice homosexuality with him, justifying that as the nature of some people and that he is one of them, and when they asked him to search for a cure for this disease, he told them that this is not an alleged disease. It’s normal.

Lawyer Hassan Abu Al-Aynin explained that the prosecution listened to the statements of the victims, and decided to release them from the prosecution office, and decided to arrest and bring the accused, after evidence of his involvement in this accusation was proven with evidence, and after the investigations of the investigations matched the statements of the victim.

The prosecution also confronted the dentist who harassed men, with the evidence of the indictment, including the account of the victim, according to which the accused was harassing them at the time of examining them and examining the teeth, and that the accused asked them to practice homosexuality with him, justifying that it is a nature that concerns some people and that he is one of them, When they asked him to find a cure for this disease, he told them that it was not a disease

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