He dawned a surprise about Haifa Wehbe and only loved this woman .. He insisted


03:50 PM

Friday 22nd January 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

The artist Ahmed El-Fishawy came yesterday, Thursday, as a guest on the program “Thursday Night”, shown on MBC Egypt, and during the episode he talked about many things related to his artistic and personal life.

“Masrawy” reviews the most prominent statements of Al-Fishawi on “Thursday night.”

– Al-Fishawi said that for him marriage is not linked to a date or day, it is a destiny to feel love and get married, and for his current wife Nada al-Kamel, he said: “I don’t want someone to do it.” He added that reaching the stage of stability is wonderful, especially for someone like him whose life has always had many things , So he feels surprised now that he’s leading a quiet life.

– Al-Fishawi also talked about the scenes of his cooperation with the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe in the movie “Ghosts of Europe”, saying: “I know her for a long time and love her very long ago, and when I worked with her, I saw a very strange and unexpected thing, and that is that Haifa takes 6 hours to work without mirrors. Focused on her role and work, and she does not say she is tired even if she is tired. ”

– And about the reason for presenting the song “Number 2″, which he finished filming recently, he said: “There is no normal human being who prefers to succeed and number 1 along. The natural one fails and succeeds again, falls and rises. These are the situations that adopt a person,” No. 1 in our field is Mawasem, I spoiled the song, and I say that I am the second one of the people who wants it … and in it fire hit the song. ”


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