He killed his wife and covered her body with a “carton” … Surveillance cameras reveal details of Bulaq’s crime (photo)


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On Sunday, the South Giza Accident Prosecutor ordered the seizure of surveillance cameras installed above one of the shops that took pictures of the murder of a teacher to his wife, and then quietly smoked cigarettes, after he covered the body with “cardboard” and was surrounded by blood, in the Bulaq Dakrur area.

The prosecution, under the supervision of Counselor Yahya Al-Zaraa, the Public Prosecutor, also ordered that the video be sent to the Technical Aid Department at the Ministry of Interior for examination and a statement of the information it contains that may be used during the course of the investigations, as the accused appeared in a state of emotional stability and in possession of a knife with which he stabbed his wife after receiving insult and slander, while The people surrounded him until the police arrived.

And the investigations came that the accused tore the body of his wife inside the yard of a school where she works, due to differences between them over household expenses, as their lives narrowed when the accused returned from one of the Arab countries in which he was working, due to the spread of the Corona virus.

At the same time, the defendant said that he had killed his wife for several reasons, including that he doubted her behavior, and that he had set up conversations on WhatsApp between his wife and another person, while the security services’ investigations stated that financial disputes were behind the incident.

Accused of killing his wife in front of her body

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