He lured her from Facebook … Details of the rape of a driver, a medical student in Giza


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Monday 04 January 2021

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:

The Public Prosecution office in Giza today, Monday, ordered the imprisonment of a driver for 4 days pending investigations, on charges of raping a medical student, inside his apartment in the Haram area, after he lured her under the pretext of providing her with a job opportunity as a babysitter for his children with a monthly salary after the death of his wife.

Investigations revealed that the incident began with the girl publishing an advertisement on “Facebook” in which she declared her desire to work as a babysitter due to a financial crisis that she is going through, and that she is trying to save the expenses of her university studies.

The investigations revealed that the accused saw the girl’s advertisement while browsing the “Facebook” website, so the idea of ​​luring her jumped into his mind and began to correspond with her about his desire to have a babysitter for his young children. The victim contacted him and sent her his apartment address.

It was revealed from the investigations of the security men in Giza that the accused waited until his young children went to sleep, and after the girl went to her room, he knocked on her the door of the room and began to entice her on her own behalf, but she did not respond to him, so he took out a firearm and put it on her neck and threatened her with death until she surrendered, and raped her by force more than once within several hours .

The Al-Aram Police Department received a report from a university girl at the Faculty of Medicine that she was raped by a driver in the department department after he lured her to his apartment under the pretext of eating as a babysitter for his young children.

A security force went to the whereabouts of the accused and succeeded in arresting him, and in front of the detectives, the girl listed the details of the incident, confirming that the accused gave her money to take a taxi, after he raped her and threatened her with death if the security men reported the incident, but she did not respond to him and went to the police station to report about the incident.

The girl added that she is going through family problems and lack of income. She thought about working in order to be able to provide for her expenses, but her bad luck left her with the human wolf.

The accused also confessed that he had committed the incident and that he disliked her in Tangiers Sawt, and he did not expect the police to report him, and that he lured her after watching her announce her desire to work as a babysitter and agreed with her on an amount of 3 thousand pounds per month.

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