He only owns an apartment. A niece, Ali Hamida, asks musicians to help him after his health deteriorates


The health of the singer Ali Hamida has deteriorated, after suffering a health crisis recently, which necessitated his travel to his hometown of Marsa Matrouh, where he has been in it for nearly a week, with his family.

“The Seventh Day” continued with “Nora”, the daughter of the singer Ali Hamida, and she said: He had not come to Marsa Matrouh for 4 months, and a week ago we asked and took him in the face of Marsa Matrouh. God Issa Specialist Marsa Matrouh.

She added: We made a sonar, CT scan and all the necessary analyzes, and we found that he has a fit in the liver and a tumor next to the kidneys, and the doctor asked us as quickly as possible to go to a hospital in Cairo or Alexandria until a sample is withdrawn and he is treated in a place equipped for that.

And she continued: We gave him many painkillers and injections so that he could sleep, but to no avail, because he was very tired, and unfortunately, he did not contact us so far except for the artist Mustafa Kamel, who called us upon hearing the news, and the artist Intisar and Atef Imam.

She concluded her speech, requesting the Syndicate of Musical Professions with the help, saying, Where is the union, the financial condition of the people of Marsa Matrouh and his uncle does not own anything but an apartment in the pyramid and did not complete its price, the union must stand beside it. .

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