“He wanted to enter the well-being and we threw him from the window.” Security reveals details


01:53 PM

Monday 18 January 2021

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:
The security services of the Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of what was reported to the Police Department in Al-Amiriya, in the Directorate of Security of Alexandria, that the body of an “unidentified” person was found, in front of an empty property, on the coastal road in the department’s district, and a quantity of heroin was found in his clothes.

By conducting investigations and collecting information, it was found that the victim, unemployed, had criminal information, and that behind the perpetration of the incident were two persons, an unemployed, carpenter “one of whom had criminal information” residing in the department.

After legalizing procedures, they were targeted and seized.

In confronting them, they confessed that they had committed the incident, and one of the accused decided that while he was in their residence at the date of the incident, he was surprised that the victim tried to force him to enter him while he was in a state of imbalance, so he expelled him but he tried again, so he sought the help of the other accused and took the victim to an apartment on the second floor of the property , Who was found in front of him on his body and assaulted him by beating him with a white weapon “knife”, then they got rid of it by throwing it from the balcony of the apartment and he killed his life, and they were instructed by the seizure of the tool used to commit the incident.

Legal action has been taken.

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