Health damage to French fries .. leads to early death and Alzheimer’s disease


French fries are a meal loved by children and adults, as they are among the most delicious and comfortable foods, whether in preparing or eating them, and many people are addicted to eating french fries, but this may cause many side effects on health in the long term, according to the daily Times of India newspapertimesofindia“.

Harmful french fries

The following are the health damage caused by excessive consumption of french fries:

1- Early death

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, conducted on 4,500 individuals, indicated that eating fried potatoes more than twice a week can double the risk of premature death, and the researchers explained that the oil used in frying potatoes is the largest driving force behind the health risks to the body.

2- Stomach pain

The body digests fats slowly compared to carbohydrates and proteins, so fried potatoes remain in your stomach for a long time compared to healthy, easy-to-digest food, and researchers indicated that this may increase your stomach pain.

3- Fog in the brain

Due to the fact that French fries are fried with hydrogenated oils, so they contain a large amount of trans fats, which raises the proportion of bad cholesterol in the body and reduces the proportion of good cholesterol, and in turn increases the risk of heart disease, and according to another study, people with more trans fats In the blood it is 75% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Weak immunity

4- It reduces immunity

Researchers confirm that eating a diet rich in fats promotes unhealthy bacteria and thus reduces immunity that exposes you to many diseases.

Heart attacks

5- Heart attacks and strokes

A study found that eating fried food three or more times a week increases the chances of heart attacks and strokes by 7%, and if a person consumes fried food daily, the risk doubles by 15%.

6- Weight gain

Frying foods with fat turns them into calorie bombs that cause significant weight gain, as a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating fried foods is directly linked to obesity.


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