Healthcare reveals the mechanisms of implementing the President’s initiative to follow up on domestic isolation cases


The Public Health Care Authority, the state tool in providing comprehensive health insurance system services, revealed the details of the implementation of the President’s initiative to follow up on cases of home isolation for patients with the new Corona virus under the slogan 100 million health in Port Said Governorate, the first governorates to implement the new comprehensive health insurance system.

Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Health Care and Assistant Minister of Health and Population, confirmed that the initiative comes within the framework of the Egyptian state’s concern for the health and safety of all patients with the emerging Corona virus from the risks of complications from the disease, according to the directives of the political leadership.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky said that the initiative aims to follow up simple cases with clinical corona, who are subject to home isolation, whether they have been diagnosed in the facilities of the Public Health Care Authority in Port Said Governorate or through triage tents outside hospitals, or they have been confirmed to be infected with the virus through diagnosis by their own doctor. Or they were identified through the medical consulting line.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky explained that the follow-up plan for home isolation patients depends on the surveillance database in all hospitals affiliated with the authority, in addition to the patients whose infection was discovered through the triage tents for the initial examination at the entrances to health facilities of the Health Care Authority in Port Said, in addition to patient data. Collected through the medical consultation line of the Public Health Care Authority, as well as patient data in the Crisis Room, which operates around the clock in the Port Said Health Care Authority branch, which works in coordination with the Preventive Sector at the Health Directorate in Port Said and the Central Crisis Room of the Ministry of Health and Population.

Al-Sobky stressed that the state pays great attention to the health of the Egyptian citizen, and seeks to improve the health system and medical care provided to them, especially those infected with the Corona virus until they recover, stressing the need to adhere to the application of precautionary and preventive measures within hospitals and health service outlets to maintain the health and safety of doctors and nursing staff. And workers in the health sector and recipients of medical services.

For his part, Dr. Amir Al-Talwani, Executive Director of the Public Authority for Health Care said: With regard to the mechanism for implementing the President’s initiative to follow up on cases of home isolation for patients with the emerging Corona virus, a package of services is provided, the most important of which is measuring the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood for home isolation patients, and measuring the degree of Temperature While measuring all the vital signs of the patients and measuring the pressure, pulse and blood sugar level, the developments of the health status of the patients are monitored periodically during the home isolation period.

Dr. Amir al-Talwani confirmed that in the event of any pathological complications, the case is transferred to hospitals designated to receive new Corona virus patients to receive the necessary medical care, pointing to the provision of prevention tasks and tools necessary for the work of medical teams, in addition to providing a tablet connected to the Internet to record visits for each medical team.

Dr. Amir al-Talwani added that the mechanism of work of the medical teams within the home isolation initiative includes allocating mobile medical teams to follow up on home isolation patients covering all neighborhoods of Port Said governorate, every day during the period from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon, provided that these teams undertake home visits and sign a medical examination On the cases, and for each neighborhood to be allocated a number of teams commensurate with the numbers of patients with home isolation, indicating that the initiative’s medical teams have begun to be deployed in 3 neighborhoods, namely, “Port Fouad, Zuhur, and Suburbs”.

Al-Talwani added that with regard to the policy of appointing home visits, two visits are made during the first week of the injury and then a weekly visit until recovery, as the first visit is on the second day of the home isolation permit, provided that the second visit is 3 days after the first visit. Then a visit is made once a week until full recovery.

He continued: A phone is contacted with home isolation cases in Port Said Governorate via the number 01555299221, designated by the Public Health Care Authority to receive all medical inquiries regarding home isolation patients infected with the new Corona virus, daily, from 9 am to 10 pm, in order to follow up cases until complete Healing.


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