Her brother is a great artist, and her father is Algerian. Information about Inas Makki


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Thursday 14 January 2021

Books – Hani Saber:
Today, Thursday, January 14th, is the birthday of the artist Inas Makki, as she was born in 1973.
We tell you stories about Enas Makki, in the following report:
– She was born to an Egyptian mother and an Algerian father, and she grew up in Egypt with her Egyptian family following the separation of her parents.
– Enas said, on “Evening of Art” on the “Nile Drama” channel: “We are a family of 5 people, Ahmed, Abdulaziz (an interior designer in Dubai), Tariq (living in Paris, genetic engineering), and two girls.”
– Her last movie participation was in the movie “Reclam” in 2012, while her last television participation was as a guest star in the series “El-Wad Sayed Al-Shahat” in 2019.
She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Cairo University, and started her artistic work as an advertisement girl.
– Inas said, on “Evening of Art” on the “Nile Drama” channel: “I will never go to Algeria. I love comedians, and I am an active member of the Syndicate of Performing Professions.”
– She rose to prominence as an actress in the 1990s with roles of seduction.
– She only cooperated with her brother with the movie “The Seventh Sense” that he directed.
– She starred in the role of the American “Rosalyn” in the series “I will not live in my father’s robes,” which is considered her most famous role, as she was famous for the phrase “Mister Haj Abdul Ghafoor”, which she used to say to the late Nour al-Sharif in the series.
– Her television works include “Dream and Pain,” and “Aalim Ya Huh,” and her theatrical works include “The Madness of Humans,” and in the cinema, “A Fish and Four Sharks”, “Raklam” and “Respected Only a Quarter”.
– Enas said on “Mega Star” on “Al Mehwar” channel, that the reason for not working in the films of her brother, the artist Ahmed Makki, is the lack of a suitable character for her in his works
In the “Mega Star” program, Enas explained that her character closest to her heart was “Heidi” in the movie “The Seventh Sense”, explaining that Makki, as a director, could control her, describing him as multi-talented and able to succeed in everything.
She stated that her conversations with her brother were mostly about animals and dogs.
– Enas Makki did not participate in the burial of her father, who died in the United Arab Emirates, due to fear for the workers in the play “The Magic of Dreams”; Because they are paid daily, and Makki said that her father taught her the responsibility and preserving the rights of people, especially the simple ones. Therefore, she was obliged not to travel to the funeral of his body to its final resting place in the sisterly Emirates, and was content with emotional participation with her three sisters, so that the play would not stop and the interests of these workers would be suspended.
– Enas Makki revealed the reason for her avoidance of acting: “I am not against the presence of new generations in art, but I found myself not understanding the market two years after the revolution.”
– She said about the movie “Reklam”: “I went to work my role, and it was a cabaret decoration for 8 days, and the viewer of Master Sen, and I watched the film after it came out in the cinema .. I found many scenes I had removed from my role, and I talked to the director and did not speak to the press at the time.”
– “I worked (Al-Khawajaya) with Nour Al-Sharif on television, and (the American) with Leader Adel Imam in the cinema.
– “I have spent the same 20 years, and I don’t lose the history that I made in order to participate in any work that I’m exposed to.”
– On her opinion of having comedians with her in one work, she said: “I am very happy with the support of all the work team, unlike other people you may worry about this, because I always focus on my personality and only the role that I present.”


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