Her shape has completely changed .. A picture of Noha Al-Amrousi’s daughter after her release in the Vermont case


The artist, Noha Al-Amrousi, published a picture on her personal and official account on the social networking site Facebook, which she collected with her daughter Nazli in the first appearance of the latter after her release by the Public Prosecution’s decision to release the case known in the media as the Vermont case.

While Noha al-Amrousi wrote a comment on that picture and said, I don’t know, I thank you for your invitations from the heart, even as you congratulate me on my birthday. God has no limits.

It is worth noting that the prosecution decided a few days ago to release Nazli Mustafa Karim, daughter of the artist Noha al-Amrousi, in the case of the Vermont crime, and Tariq Al-Awadi, Nazli Mustafa’s lawyer, stated that his client was only a witness in the case 5 months ago.

And this is against the background of a summons from the Attorney General’s office and indicated that the prosecution implements the law and the spirit of law and applies justice in a neutral manner. He explained that when Nazli was summoned to give her testimony, only 2 of the accused were arrested.

There are also 5 who managed to escape and 3 of them were arrested by the International Interpol and they were deported to Lebanon, and he confirmed that Nazli was not transferred to Al-Qanater prison, as was reported on social media and social media pages.


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