Hisham Abdel Khaleq: There is no such thing as MENASSAT movies | Video


Producer Hisham Abdel Khaleq said that the cinema film is shown in the cinema, and the TV movie is shown on television, and there is no such thing as MENASAT films.

And whether it is possible for one of his films to be shown on electronic platforms, in light of the prolonged Corona crisis, Hisham Abdel Khaleq said that he started mainly on television, and this is what many do not know, through the series “Abu Al-Ela Al-Bishri 90”. The cinema has a special taste, so there is the challenge of entering into a topic that people will admire when he does not know them, in addition to seeing the actor in a large size, and the audience descending to him, and the space and people talking to each other about the films.

Hisham Abdel Khaleq added that cinema is not a second-class theater, as it is the first class and people are flocking to it.

Hisham Abdel Khaleq commented on the talk about the success of the movie “Sahib Al Maqam” as a sweeping success on a digital platform, saying that the question could be posed in a second way: If the experiment had succeeded with the platform that bought the film, it would have bought ten films.

This came during Hisham Abdel Khalek’s interview with the artist Edward and the journalist Nancy Magdy, on the “Cairo Today” program, on the Alfa Today channel.


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