Home colors | Doctor warns against heating living on stove: Bigger cancer


A large number of people work to store bread in the refrigerator or freezer, in order to use it throughout the day, which prompts them to heat it on the stove to eat it as fresh bread, especially in the winter, without paying attention to the great health damage caused by it in the long run.

Health damage to heating live on the stove

Dr. Muhammad Al-Hofi, professor of nutritional sciences at Ain Shams University, during his interview with Al-Watan, explained that the health damage resulting from heating LiveIt occurs as a result of being directly exposed to a flame, by placing it on a cooker torch.

According to Al-Hofi: “Heating the bread on the stove causes a reaction by changing the color of some of its parts to a dark brown or black color, which means the formation of acrylamide, which in turn causes the formation of cancerous substances.”

The professor of nutrition pointed out that acrylamide is a chemical compound that appears in any food meal that contains carbohydrates, sugars or proteins, and is exposed to a high temperature, whether in oil or through exposure to fire directly, with a degree of browning and heating that begins with brown until the color is black. It is the most dangerous stage.

“Al-Hofi” went on to say: “Foodstuffs that contain carbohydrates, such as live, are more likely to form acrylamide, a cancerous substance whose effect and damage appears on the body in the long run.”

The nutrition professor highlighted several damages caused by acrylamide, as it afflicts a person with cancer, as well as indigestion and loss of protein in the diets, in addition to human weakness as a result of protein loss.

Dr. Magdy Nazih, head of the Nutrition Education Unit at the National Institute of Nutrition, supported it in the opinion that the only case that results in harm is when burning live, because that causes the formation of carbon that supplies tumors to cancerous people who are susceptible to infection.

Ways to overcome the problem of heating live

Al-Houfi gave two advice to overcome the crisis of heating the bread, the first by heating it in the microwave, and the second by heating it in the stove oven and avoiding the flame completely, stressing at the same time the need to get rid of the burning parts of the living if they are present upon heating.


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