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12:29 PM | Tuesday 19 January 2021

Al-Jabaliya: We are ready to review Al-Ahly’s grievance ... and one condition for reducing Al-Shinawi’s penalty

Mohammed Al-Shennawi, Al-Ahly goalkeeper

Counselor Adel El-Shorbagy, head of the Egyptian Football Association’s appeal committee, confirmed that the committee has not yet received a grievance from Al-Ahly club against the penalty imposed on the red team goalkeeper Mohammed Al ShinnawyHe was suspended for 4 matches and fined 20 thousand pounds.

Al-Shorbaji said in a statement to “Al-Watan Sport”, “So far, nothing has happened on the part of Al-Ahly Club, and I learned of the grievance from the media only, and in any case, the Appeals Committee is ready to consider the grievance of Red Castle officials against this penalty.”

He added: «In progress Ahly With a grievance to the Football Association, we will review what it contains and the evidence that the Red Club relies on in order to reduce the penalty. We will also review the reports of the referee and the match observer.

Al-Shorbagi: We will review the competition committee’s memo stopping El-Shennawi

The head of the Appeals Committee of the Egyptian Football Association added: “We will also learn the reasons on the basis of which the Competitions Committee took this penalty, and I cannot speak more about this matter, because the grievance has not yet reached the Football Association.”

Chairman of the Appeals Committee: The Al-Shenawi incident was televised and everyone saw it

He concluded his remarks, saying: “I cannot speak about reducing a penalty or not before viewing the grievance, and if Al-Ahly’s defense is convincing, it is possible to discuss the possibility of reducing the penalty, but what I learned was that the shot was televised and everyone saw it.”

Muhammad Al-Shennawi suspended 4 matches and fined 20 thousand pounds due to the ruling on meeting the “bank”

The Competitions Department of the Football Association decided to suspend Mohamed Al-Shennawi, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, for 4 matches and a fine of 20 thousand pounds, for his non-sporting behavior towards the referee of his team’s match against the National Bank. The eighth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, which was held at Al-Max Stadium in Alexandria, the day before Sunday, and ended with a goalless draw between the two teams.

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