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02:26 PM | Saturday 09 January 2021

Liverpool refuses to renew Mohamed Salah because of Van Dyck

Mohamed Salah and Virgil Van Dyck are Liverpool players

Developed a club management LeferballA list of the priorities that you will move towards in the coming period, on top of which was the file of renewing contracts for some players, who have become a main pillar in the accounts of the German Reds coach Jurgen Klopp, but the economic crisis that the club is going through, which struck the team within the repercussions of the spread of the new Corona virus , England’s champions’ plans completely changed.

Liverpool postpones renewal negotiations for Mohamed Salah

It is surprising that Liverpool did not put the renewal toMohamed Salah Among his priorities in the coming period, despite his name being linked to leaving the red team, after entering the circle of interest of European giants, led by the two poles of Spanish football, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​according to the British newspaper, The Daily Star.

Renewal for Fabinho and Van Dyck is Liverpool’s priority

The British newspaper stated that Liverpool will postpone plans to enter into negotiations with Mohamed Salah in order to renew his contract, which expires after two and a half years, as he places defense duo Fabinho and Virgil Van Dyck a priority for renewal at the present time, provided that the renewal file for the Pharaoh will be considered at the appropriate time. Determined by the club’s management.

It seems that the negotiations with Gianni Wijnaldum did not bear fruit, so the player is at the present time free to listen to the offers of any of the clubs that want to include him, as he insists on leaving in order to start a new journey with Barcelona, ​​who showed great interest in including him and placing him in the basic plan this season. , To the conviction of the Dutch Ronald Koeman of his services and his ability to make a difference.

The British newspaper pointed out that there is no doubt that Liverpool wanted to renew Mohamed Salah, as one of the reasons for the Reds’ shine in the recent period, after his contribution to the crowning of the English League and the Champions League, as it represents a large part of the team’s scoring power.


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