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12:21 PM | Thursday 14 January 2021

Salah Mohsen adheres to leave Al-Ahly

Salah Mohsen, Al-Ahly player

Seen past hours inside the club AhlySalah Mohsen, the player of the first team, insisted on leaving on loan, after his chances of participating in the basic formation diminished for the Red Genie during the coming period, under the leadership of South African Pitso Musimane; Where the player asked the coach and the ball apparatus to give him the opportunity to leave, and to move to another club during the current winter transfer period, to ensure basic participation during the current period, refusing to stay on the bench inside the Red Castle.

Informed sources inside Al-Ahly club revealed that صلاح محسن He received warnings during the last period, against his exit from the list of the Olympiad that will be held next summer, in which the Olympic team will participate, as the holder of the title of the African U-23 Nations Championship hosted by Egypt 2019, and finally crowned it.

Salah Mohsen fears his absence from the Olympics

The sources said that the warnings are that staying on the bench weakens his chances of being on the list that will participate in the Tokyo Olympics next summer, as Shawky Gharib, the coach of the Olympic team, will not choose any player who does not participate mainly in his list, especially in light of the strength of the teams that will participate In the great football wedding.

The sources stressed that Shawky Gharib assured all players that there will be no compliments for any player, whatever his name, and the choice will be for the players who are technically and physically ready.

She confirmed that Salah Mohsen adheres to leaving Al-Ahly, due to the scarcity of his participation, which will reduce the chances of him being chosen within the Olympic team that will participate in the Olympics, and is currently awaiting the response of the club’s management, and South African Pitso Musimani, who clings to his survival for fear of Corona virus infections that struck more From a player in the last period.

Smouha and other clubs ask to borrow the player

Salah Mohsen received more than one offer in the last period, the most prominent of which was from Smouha, to borrow it during the current winter transfer period.

The player also received offers from some league clubs, to benefit from his services, after his limited participation with the current technical staff, led by Pitso Mosimane, in the last period.

Salah Mohsen returned to Al-Ahly after the end of his loan deal with Smouha at the end of last season, by decision of Pitso Mosimane.


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