Houria Farghali is not the first .. Egyptian actresses forced to retire by plastic surgery


Relationships and society

Houria Farghali

Many women, inside and outside the artistic community, resort to performing various plastic surgeries, some of which may succeed and others endanger their lives, which could lose their lives as a result of it or make them stick to their homes and not appear in public places after the failure of these operations.

The artist, Houria Farghali, was one of those who had suffered many deformities as a result of undergoing plastic surgery. She resorted to her to repair her nose after being fractured as a result of a painful accident years ago, to find herself in a cycle of operations that ended in failure.

Houria Farghali was not the only artist who performed plastic surgeries on them. She was preceded by many actresses whose lives were at risk, including those who lost her due to the failure of the operations. During the following lines, “them” are presented as victims of plastic surgery within the artistic community.

Spinning Dancer

Dancer Ghazl was one of the victims of plastic surgery, which she underwent 3 years ago when she wanted to reduce her breasts, but doctors could not save her and she suffered a severe heart attack.

Suad Nasr: Liposuction

The artist, Souad Nasr, was one of the most famous actresses that the public knew and was associated with her in many works at the level of cinema, television and theater, and she starred with the artist Mohamed Sobhi in many works, perhaps the most important of which is the Wanis series, with its various parts, and the artist left our world 14 years ago, following Undergoing liposuction, she then fell into a long coma, from which she did not recover and ended in her death.

The artist lived difficult moments before she caught her last breath, as the level of oxygen reaching the cerebral cortex and cells decreased, in addition to a sharp drop in blood circulation and a complete stop in the heart muscle.

Fayza Ahmed: Cheek augmentation

Despite her strong voice, which many gathered around, the artist Faiza Ahmed was one of those who were bullied and alienated by many because of her thin body, so her weight did not exceed 40 kilograms.

The artist tried to appear with a more weighty body by resorting to wrapping the cloth around her waist, until she resorted to plastic surgery after one of her friends suggested to her for a cheek augmentation surgery, but she died a few months later in 1983

Safia Al-Amry: face lift and silicone injection

Artist Safia Al-Omari, one of the artists who performed many works over the years of her work in art, but the plastic surgery she underwent negatively affected her features as she changed her features significantly, when she resorted to facelifts and silicone injections, which resulted in severe symptoms as she became suffering from Difficulty speaking, which made her forced to move away from art and participate in very few works.

Nahed Sherif

The artist, Nahed Sharif, was known for her beauty and femininity, but she was a victim of plastic surgery, as she wanted in 1973 to undergo an operation in her breast after getting old, but she contracted breast cancer, which quickly spread in her body, and had to travel to European countries to receive treatment, but Without interest until she died in Cairo in 1981.


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