How to transfer WhatsApp group members to Signal? – Technology


Data from the research company “Aptoea” showed that about 810,000 global users downloaded the “Signal” application last Sunday, an 18-fold increase compared to January 6, the day on which WhatsApp updated its terms of privacy.

In addition to the automatic deletion of messages after a period of time specified by the user, the new application provides you with the ability to transfer your groups from WhatsApp to it, through these steps.

After downloading the app, you can create a group, by clicking on the menu in the top right of the app, and choosing Create New Group.

You will then be able to add “Contacts” for users who have joined Signal to the group that is created by clicking on the “Create” option.

After forming a group, a “link” can be created for it, which enables you to easily add members to it, by opening “Group Settings” or “Group Settings,” and then clicking on “Group Link”, and then activating it.

Upon performing the previous steps, the user will be able to share the “group link” to friends and family or work colleagues on “WhatsApp” to join the “Signal Group” in turn.

The previous step takes place by sharing the link and approving the new members, with options to participate such as “copy link”, “QR code” or “share button”.

For added protection, the option to “reset group link” is available, in case it is suspected of being shared by other members.



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