Hussein Abdel-Latif: I did not nominate Murad Sabry to Zamalek, and his potential qualifies him to play in Al Mumtaz


Hussein Abdel-Latif, the technical director of the Aluminum team, and the former star of Zamalek, confirmed that he did not nominate any player for Al-Ahly, Zamalek, or any other club in the league, in response to the news that confirmed the nomination of Murad Sabri, the Al-Zamalek striker, by Hussein Abdel-Latif.

Abdul Latif said in a special statement to “The Seventh Day”: Murad Sabri’s capabilities qualify him to play in the excellent, as he is a sniper and is good at scoring goals, unlike his competition for the title of scorer in all the teams in which he participated, adding that he does not have the right to nominate anyone for any club, stressing that It was the player’s potential that nominated him to pursue the Premier League clubs.

Abdul Latif revealed that Al-Aluminum Club owns all rights in the player until the end of this month, and that – that is, Hussein Abdel-Latif – has the right to refuse and accept the player’s departure for any club until the end of the month after the club’s board of directors authorized him to have full powers in determining the fate of all team players. According to his need for them in the league competitions.

On the other hand, Portugal’s Jaime Pacheco, technical director of the first football team at Zamalek Club, held a special and decisive session with the Tunisian international, Fergani Sassi, the midfielder of the team, in order to discuss the file of his lack of participation in the recent period with the team, and his departure from the usual focus and level, given his preoccupation with the file of renewing his contract With the White Castle, which will end at the end of the current season.

Pacheco spoke with Sassi, asking him at first about his desire to continue with the team or not, and about his desire to participate as well, to confirm that Sassi has no crisis for him to participate and that he is ready at any time the team needs.

Ferjani told Pacheco that he is under the order of the technical apparatus and will implement all the matters that are required of him, especially since he does not have a crisis in anything currently, and the two parties agreed during the session that the player’s level in training is to judge whether or not he wants to return to the basic formation..

While a source familiar with the Zamalek club revealed the latest developments in the negotiations of the White Club officials with the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder of the first soccer team, in order to renew his contract, which will expire at the end of the current season, which gives him the right to sign for any other club during the January transfers.

The source explained in his statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the Zamalek club management ended the agreement with Ferjani Sassi on most of the new contract terms, and the matter became only dependent on the player’s signature. However, Sassi stipulated not to sign the contract renewal until after obtaining the contract provider “cash”. And it is the remaining step to resolve this file.

The source added in his statements that the Zamalek administration is currently waiting for the recovery of the club’s treasury, whether from the material value that Zamalek will obtain in exchange for Mustafa Muhammad’s professionalism in the French club of Saint-Etienne, or to obtain an amount from the sponsoring company in order to finalize the renewal of the Sassi contract..

Sassi missed his team’s training for the past week after the player went to his hometown in Tunisia, and returned last Friday evening, to organize group training exercises for Zamalek..

The technical staff of Zamalek, led by Pacheco, decided to change the date of the team’s collective training, starting next Friday, to be held at five oclock instead of two in the afternoon, in the framework of preparing to face El-Gouna in the meeting scheduled for January 19 in the eighth round of the Premier League.


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