I am gay and suffer from a sexual orientation disorder


The Public Prosecution listened to the statements of the harassing doctor accused of assaulting men by force, and decided to detain him for 4 days as a precaution pending investigations.

During the investigations, the accused made confessions after the Public Prosecution confronted him with the testimony of the victims, as well as the technical evidence presented by the whistleblowers, especially the evidence on his phone.

The harassing doctor said that he suffers from a disorder of sexual orientation, and he confessed to committing the crimes of harassment and indecent assault against those who filed reports against him.

The security services in Giza succeeded in arresting a doctor accused by artists of harassing them during their treatment in his clinic.

Giza Investigations were able to arrest the doctor after publishing several ambushes and several missions in implementation of the Public Prosecution’s decision to seize and bring the doctor, after investigating two reports submitted by the artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan and the artist Tamim Younes.

The artist, Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, the artist Tamim Younis, and others, had filed an official complaint with the Attorney General against a famous doctor on charges of harassing men.

The trio accused the dentist of harassing them and inciting them to practice debauchery with him, so that the Attorney General decided to take measures to investigate the incident.

Abu Al-Hassan said: “I submitted an official communication to the Public Prosecution and the Counselor, the Attorney General, through attorney Hassan Abu Al-Aynin, acting on behalf of Abbas Abu Al-Hassan Abbas Muhammad and Tamim Hafez Ahmed Younis and others against the doctor accused of the harasser.”

The artist, Tamim Younes, was at the forefront of social networking, after he blew a surprise by announcing that he had been subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of a dentist.

Yunus said, in a video of him through his personal account on the “Instagram” website, that the incident occurred when he was 22 years old, during his engagement period, when he went to a dentist to extract a tooth, but he had a bleeding and started looking for another doctor to perform an operation, where he went Then he went to a doctor known to his fiancee’s family and decided to open his clinic specifically to perform surgery for him, pointing out that he is a private doctor for some artists and famous people.

On the incident of harassment, Tamim confirmed that he went to the doctor accompanied by his fiancee, who waited outside, pointing out that the doctor asked him strange and sexual questions, and he also asked him to give him an injection into the muscle, pulled his pants and harassed him, confirming that he pushed him away from him, while the doctor accused Tamim Yunus says he is under the influence of a drug and that the incident did not happen

Security sources said that the security services spotted the suspect in one of the places and ended his journey of escape, which lasted for several months, after the representative, Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, submitted a report to the Public Prosecutor, followed by communications from a number of victims, and the Appeals Prosecution heard the statements of the victim.

The victims explained to the Public Prosecution the details of the harassment by the accused during their stay in his clinic in Dokki, and that the defendant was sensitive to areas of their bodies in reference to him calling them to practice homosexuality with him.

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