I drank the plot .. Watch Nermin al-Feki from the scenes of the Ramez Jalal program


Posted by the artist Nermin Al-Feki, a new photo of her, accompanied by Ramez Jalal, through her personal account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

Nermin al-Feki appeared from the scenes of Ramez Jalal’s case، Commented on the image:Mold-Ramez and I-drank the mold. “

On the ninth of March, the Cairo Economic Appellant Misdemeanor Court examines the case against which Ramez Jalal and the owner of MBC channel Walid Al Ibrahim are accused. The office of attorneys Salah Bakhit and Dr. Hani Sameh requested the criminal case against Ramez and Walid for the crime of assaulting the intellectual property of the program Ramez Al-Ramadanani, and as a result, the Agouza Misdemeanor Court referred the case to the Misdemeanor Economic Court, which issued its judgment acquitting Ramez and Walid. Written for the program.

In the case papers, Hiyam Selim is the author of the written idea for the program (Ramez Underground) and (Ramez Under Zero) and thus she is a partner in the authoring of the audiovisual work. / 5/2016, nearly a year before filming the program, then the Ramez program preparation team, its business director and the program director contacted her, including recorded calls proving that the student had the written idea and that the defendants believed that she had not documented her written idea in the real estate month and then they stole the written idea of ​​the workbook and acted on it literally after it It was obtained in full detail from the student over the course of many lengthy work sessions.


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