“I had sex with her 3 times and the child is my son.” Confessions of a high school student of practicing vice with his colleague (details)


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Investigations of the Child Prosecution Office in Cairo revealed new details of a high school student’s practice of vice with his colleague in the Mokattam region, with whom he had a thug.

“F.S.”, a 16-year-old high school student, said that he had sex with his girlfriend with her consent, confirming that the child resulting from that relationship was his daughter. In the investigations that Al-Masry Al-Youm obtained a copy of, he added that his female victim, Dr. She lives in a property opposite them, and got to know him last year.

The accused stated that he agreed with his colleague to marry, and he asked her to come to the apartment, taking advantage of his family’s absence, and after he promised her to marry, he had intercourse with husbands 3 times, stressing: “She was virgin and I was responsible for breaking her hymen, and after that the pregnancy occurred and our relationship was exposed in front of her family.”

Dr. N, a 15-year-old high school student, said: “My colleague practiced vice with me 3 times. Then I felt exhausted and discovered that I was pregnant, so I asked him to run and he refused,” adding that her father noticed that her stomach was swollen than normal, so he knew the truth of the relationship Between her and her colleague, and she quarreled with him.

The girl added during the investigations that after the discovery she discovered that she was pregnant in the third month, and said that her father went to the family of her colleague, and admitted that he was the reason for the dissolution of the hymen and the pregnancy that resulted from that relationship, so a customary marriage contract was issued by a lawyer because she is a minor and she is not allowed to marry officially On the hand of authorized.

And she continued: “After the common-law marriage, I did not leave my family’s home during the entire pregnancy.” She said: “At the time of delivery, I went to give birth in a private hospital in the Mokattam area. We called my customary husband and told him he came with a number of his family to the hospital, and a quarrel broke out between the two families over who should bear the expenses. Childbirth, a number of parties intervened, and 4 of them were injured, and they were transferred to the hospital for treatment.

The father of the victim said that he works as a tailor in a factory, where he has been staying for 20 days and has been separated from his wife for 15 years, and the victim’s daughter remains in his family’s home in Mokattam until his return, adding: “Last June, my daughter was tired and I went to see her, the doctor. He said she was pregnant in the third month. ”

And the father continued in the investigations: “I knew from my daughter that (P) was the one who did this and wrote my tribe on my daughter, and when my daughter approached the birth, I asked them to write my official letter and pay the childbirth expenses, but they refused, so I took the oath.”

The Public Prosecution in Cairo decided to imprison a student in the third grade of secondary school for 4 days pending investigations on charges of sexually assaulting a student in the first grade of secondary school and causing her to become pregnant in the Mokattam area.

The General Administration of Cairo Investigations had received a notification from a private hospital in the Mokattam area that there was a quarrel between two families in the vicinity of the hospital, which resulted in injuries, and officers of the Mokattam department moved in, and both sides of the fight were seized and the injured were transferred to the hospital.

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