In 25 minutes … Details of the murder of the “bride of Paradise” at the hands of the son of a famous businessman


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At dawn on January 23, as on any normal day, the interior designer, Mai Jade Iskandar, was traveling in the coastal city of El Gouna, the sun shining in contrast to the usual cold winter. She finished her work and took a taxi to return to the hotel after a long working day, but she did not return. Directly to the sky, she died instantly after being run over by a luxury BMW brand driven by the son of a famous businessman.

“He was visibly drunk,” explains May’s cousin Terry Fanous, talking on the phone with deep sadness, saying that she had finished her work and was on the way back to the hotel, but when she got in the taxi, he ran over her. K. A., the grandson of the famous businessman and a member of the Egyptian Swiss Integrated Development Company, the young engineer died because the accused “was taking two glasses of wine.”

“May was our support for all of us.” “Terry” continues: “I was walking in reverse between Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna, the whole road was 25 minutes. Jay was opposite the direction. The taxi driver said that he was not light, entered it from the side, she died at once.”

The funeral ceremony of the body of Mai Jade

She adds, based on the text of the prosecution’s investigations: “The accused admitted that he had taken two cassettes, and the drug analysis came out positive, but he said that he had used drugs in Switzerland the day before, and there are drugs whose use is available in the street, it was returned to 22, and the accident at dawn on January 23, so it was It is still in his blood. ”

“We are entrusted to our Lord. He answers May’s right … The Virgin Mary sent us letters of reassurance.” The family of the late engineer trusts in the integrity of the investigation process, after renewing the accused for a period of 15 days. Manslaughter »15 days pending investigations.

At the end of January, the family of “Mai” was preparing to celebrate her 42nd birthday. They brought candles and roses, but she was celebrated as a “bride” to heaven, inside a white coffin that pleased the viewers, decorated with white lotus flowers, as her cousin says: “Her birthday is also 3 days. 42, a person who loves life and is diligent, before the day of El Gouna, she was on the northern coast by getting rid of work.

“Terry” confirms that the late engineer’s family rejects any ransom or financial compensation, “the only situation in which we can reconcile is that he returns Mai.”

Not the first time

On November 28, 2012, the accused was also involved in the injury of 23 workers from a tourist village, south of Hurghada, with various injuries in a collision between a tour bus that was carrying them on their way to the tourist village in which they worked in the morning shift and an angel tourist car driven by the son of a famous man , In front of the entrance to Hurghada International Airport.

Eight ambulances were pushed to the site of the accident to transport the injured to Hurghada General Hospital to rescue them and receive first aid and treatment. A report of the accident was filed and the prosecution investigated, and the Traffic Department was able to restore traffic to the road and remove the effects of the collision.

The investigations revealed that the accused had actually collided with the bus, so he was transferred to a tourist village after the accident, and the rest of the injured were transferred to Hurghada General Hospital for treatment, without mentioning any details of his legal accountability.

No one is above the law

For his part, Major General Amr Hanafy, Governor of the Red Sea, said that this case is in the hands of the Public Prosecution, explaining that the Red Sea Security Directorate dealt very professionally in this matter, and the Public Prosecution carried out an inspection to reveal all the details.

He added, during press statements, that the law applies to everyone, stressing: “If my son commits such a crime, he will be punished by law.”

He pointed out that he had not received any contact from anyone regarding this issue, adding that no one is above the law in Egypt and continued that he would like to extend his sincere condolences to the family of the engineer who died in the accident.

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