In less than 30 seconds … the guest of Aya Abdul Rahman dies during his meeting with her: “The world is not thirsty.”


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The broadcaster, Aya Abdel Rahman, the Extra News broadcaster, revealed that she has faced the most difficult situation in her career so far.

And she said in the episode of her program, the most difficult situation that a media person might put in while performing his work, after the guest died with her during the meeting, and she said in details that she was tasked with conducting a videotaped dialogue with a very respectable person during a tour that she would be doing in one of the places, and indeed she went on her way to This man, to do her job, and with the beginning of recording the dialogue, I felt that this man was suffering from some tension after seeing him sweat a lot.
She continued that she asked her colleagues to stop filming, and she also asked this man to stop until they gathered their ideas together, and could complete the dialogue well, then return to resume the dialogue, noting that the man thanked her for this request, and indeed they stopped filming.
She indicated that after a short time the man asked to complete the dialogue, and he also offered her the necessity of filming with the workers at the place of the tour that he headed at work, then the dialogue began, and after a set of questions she was surprised by this man who fell to the ground and died, in less than 30 seconds.

Abdul Rahman concluded her conversation, saying: “Life is not worthy, and this world is all in vain. All this squabbling and struggling until your work colleague is removed from the place or position you want to reach.”

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