In the video, a comedic quarrel between Bayoumi Fouad and Muhammad Tharwat, and the reason is fishing


Both artists Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Tharwat were guests of honor with the journalist Esaad Younes in the program “Your Excellency,” which is broadcast on DMC, and they participated in distinctive comedic entertainment with the comedian, the presenter of the program.

Comic quarrel between Bayoumi Fouad and Mohamed Tharwat over fishing

The quarrel came in a comic context, as Muhammad Tharwat won the game of fishing, but Bayoumi Fouad refused to admit the defeat and quarrel with Muhammad Tharwat, and Tharwat said jokingly, “The complaints office in the first studio kept my complaint.”

On the side of the artist Bayoumi Fouad, he emphasized that he combines the fortune of a friendship and brotherhood relationship. He added, “If people laugh in films and serials, then he makes us laugh 25 times in normal life.”

He also continued, saying, “If people laugh in movies and serials, then he makes us laugh about normal life 25 times more .. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts I produced plays for several years and my assistant director was the artist, Mohamed Mamdouh.”

Bayoumi also continued, saying, “In the movie Hell in India We Have Keepers Room No. 225 because it is the grocery room and it is Muhammad Tharwat’s room and we used to keep food in it.” All different times, and continuously, we will provide you with the episode video.

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