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The last hours witnessed an escalation of a crisis between the Egyptian artist Rehab El-Gamal and her colleague, the Egyptian artist Bassem Samra, and the artists exchanged accusations through the pages of social networking sites, which prompted the head of the acting professions, Ashraf Zaki, to issue a decision to suspend the artist Bassem Samar and the artist Rehab El-Gamal, commenting: They were prevented from practicing their profession and we will answer all the cameras, and we will investigate this issue, ”during a telephone conversation with the Egyptian journalist Amr Adib through his Al-Hikaya program broadcast on MBC Egypt.

For his part, artist Bassem Samra issued an official statement, to respond to the artist Rehab El-Gamal after her attack on him by publishing a post in which she described him as the “drunk” actor, and accusing him of insulting her and her colleagues during the “rehearsal” of the movie that brings them together, “Dick Al-Ayat”.

He said during the statement: “I was surprised today by one of the artists publishing a completely false story, fabricating unreal facts, and out of respect for the Representative Professions Syndicate, which I have the honor to belong to, which is considered the big home for all Egyptian artists. I submitted a complaint to the captain of the acting professions. Responding to what was published until the Syndicate completes the investigation that it will conduct, while I fully preserve the legal response to everyone who defamed me and my reputation, and God is the Grantor of success.

He added, during a telephone conversation with the media, Amr Adib, through his program, The Story, broadcast on MBC Egypt,: “I had a series I didn’t know who was the main heroes, and she was a student for more money and was distorted and the girl thought that I walked her from the movie and the series, I don’t want to see the role of the innocent who He will go down, I mean … the story. We were staying in a famous hotel and there was no such thing as this. ”

Al-Samra added during the telephone conversation: “The topic is more trivial than that and simpler than that .. the artist who said this talk had a travel before the 14th day and wanted to get rid of the film .. and I try to say it, I wait a little for two days 3 and after that I travel .. because there is a fine in the film and that and she said After that, I apologize for salvation … and I told the director, “Salvation, Najib, one more.”

For her part, the artist, Rehab El-Gamal, commented on the artist’s statement on behalf of Samra, that as soon as she objected to what the artist had done in the name of Samra, which was his attempt to insult some of the attendees, he revolted and began to insult all the attendees in the place, and the matter turned into altercations between him and the guards in the place, confirming It was hysterical and terrifying for everyone present.

These statements came after the artist, Rehab El-Gamal, published a post on her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, in which she tells the details of the incident, and confirmed that she will obtain her right to what happened in the law.

The post published by Al-Jamal on “Facebook”: “The drunk actor .. when you remain drunk and joy enters and hits a fellow star and forgives you because he is the one who overcomes you and the weak you are .. you still consider that this is an acquired right .. and after about two months you enter a party and insult and insult a young singer. And grow up for people who have interfered with the issue and forgive you for what you consider an acquired right. ”

Artist Rehab El-Gamal talks about an artist drinking inside the filming site, and the latter responds and the captain of artists intervenes (photos) - Mada Post - Mada Post

For his part, Wael Al-Roumi, director of the movie “Dik Al-Ayyat”, told the Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabea that he is currently seeking reconciliation between the artist Bassem Samra and the artist Rehab El-Gamal, indicating that he is currently holding a session in the house of Bassem Samra for the peace, stressing that he will not dispense with Bassem Samra , Especially since the latter would do the character very well.

Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, explained that Basem Samra had filed a formal complaint against the artist, Rehab El-Gamal, accusing her of defaming him.

He added, during a telephone conversation with the Egyptian journalist Mohamed El-Baz, through his program “Akher Al-Nahar” broadcast on Al-Nahar channel, that the issue of the dispute between Rehab El-Gamal and Bassem Samra will be investigated.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the crisis that recently erupted between artist Bassem Samra and artist Rehab El-Gamal, and they exchanged accusations and outward words, commenting: “We will not attack or transgress against some of the social media and those affected must submit a memorandum to the Syndicate for investigation .. We will not allow us to be material for people, and the party is supposed to be. It remains on the art pages, not the accident pages. ”

Basem Al-Samra had clashed with some of his colleagues before that, as the Egyptian actor Muhammad Ramadan, during the latter’s singing at a popular wedding, pushed.

Artist Muhammad Ramadan commented on the incident during his interview with Wael Al-Ibrashi, the journalist, in the first episodes of his “ninth” program, saying: “Basem Samra would not be in his consciousness, and if he meant I would have found my armor in the north ready, I did not take my mind from the incident at the time, but I slapped it because I know that he was not fully conscious. ”

Singer Omar Kamal had confirmed the singer Bassem Samras emotion over him during their presence in a concert he performed on the occasion of a friend’s birthday.

“I was at a birthday party and there were many respectable artists, directors and people,” Kamal said at the time in an intervention with “The Ninth” program, presented by Wael El-Ibrashy on Channel One, “I suddenly met someone telling me to greet the artist, Bassem Samra, because I was upset. My mind scratched him because he was just sitting behind, and I really greeted him. ”

He added: “Everything I greet is more upset and upset. The salvation of Sibtah is because I cannot see and create a problem. Then the artist Saad al-Saghir came and said,” Oh Omar, he stopped the music sincerely and greeted him because he was upset and he made rigid anxiety. Indeed, the music and his life stood, I met him at the theater in a very brutal way and said. ” Come down, and of course, for the party and people, I will not tell you what you are doing, artist, and have come down. ”

He continued, “I am upset with him because he is a great artist and a great film artist.”




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