Inas El-Deghidi: I fainted and fell into the bathroom after contracting a coronavirus


03:01 AM

Monday, January 11, 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

Director Inas El-Deghidi confirmed that she suffered a severe infection with Corona before recovering from the emerging virus, saying: “Corona is very heavy and fainted in the bathroom, and on the second day I was very tired, and I spoke to the laboratory doing an analysis and the swab showed positive.”

Al-Deghidi added, in an interview via “video conference” in the “Cairo Talk” program with Khairy Ramadan and Karima Awad, on “Cairo and Al-Nas” channel, that she “suffered from a heavy injury that started fainting in the bathroom, and I had Corona with Yosra and three others on the same day.” .

She continued: “I followed up with the doctor from the first day of her injury,” noting that “Yusra was infected with her at the same time, but Yusra was attacked by the epidemic more in the lung because she suffers from chest sensitivity.”

And she continued: “Corona hit me in the stomach, and every person is different, and I used to take many vitamins,” stressing that during her injury, she was exposed to many rumors, she and Yousra and gloating about the disease, but after five days her condition stabilized and began to recover.

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