Interest of 3% .. National Bank gives good news to owners of old cars .. Video


Yahya Aboul Fotouh, Vice President of the National Bank of Egypt, said that the demand for the first exhibition of technology for the conversion and replacement of vehicles to work with clean energy was more than expected.

“Abul-Fotouh” added, during a telephone conversation with the “90 minutes” program, broadcast on “Al-Mehwar” satellite channel, that there was a generous initiative that he launched President Sisi To replace old cars to natural gas cars.

He indicated that the bank will facilitate financing of up to 10 years at interest rates of up to 3% only, explaining that the bank will finance factories that transfer cars through the initiative of the Central Bank at an interest rate of 8%.

The vice president of the National Bank of Egypt stated that a citizen can exchange his old car, whether the angel, the microbus, or the taxi, by selling it and paying in advance for the new car and paying the remaining amount in installments for a period of up to 10 years with only 3% interest.

He added that conditions will be set in agreement with the Ministry of Finance to give these funds to citizens, and they will be announced later, with the possibility of applying for these funds through the website.

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