IPhone 12 Pro or Galaxy S21? Which one is worth buying


Currently, the comparison is mainly made between Phone “IPhone 12 Pro” on the one hand, and between “Galaxy S21 Plus”, to see which is the best between them.

Some experts say that each device has its advantages, but one of them is superior to the other in some aspects. Therefore, the customer can choose the device that guarantees his preferred feature.

And if you focus on the new design, you will probably not find your way in “iPhone 12”, because it is not much different from the design of its predecessor. “IPhone 11 Go“From the back and the front, that is, it did not come with a clear new touch.

In return, a phone was raised. “Galaxy S21 Plus“With an unprecedented design than before, and the camera was placed in it in a unique way, and the lenses were stacked on the back in a less prominent way.”

At the level of the interface, a bump surrounds the screen of the new iPhone, while the display interface extends widely and without a bump in Samsung, and the front camera in it appears like a small hole.

Before the spread of the Corona epidemic, it was said that the user could accept the presence of a bump in the iPhone because it allows the recognition feature through the face, but this is no longer very effective in light of our wearing masks.

Among the points of excellence of the “Samsung” phone is that it has improved the fingerprint sensor feature, while the screen has become more bright and accurate in display, and these two matters are important to the user.

But if you are looking for a durable smart phone, so that it does not damage or break quickly, it is better to resort to the “iPhone”, according to “xda” website, because its cover is made of flat and stainless steel, while the “Samsung” phone was developed with an aluminum frame With greater thickness.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21 Plus surpasses the iPhone 12 Pro in being comfortable to use, thanks to its rounded sides.

In terms of the camera, the two phones were equipped with a triple camera system, but the two phones differ in this aspect in terms of the sensors that are used in photography.

The iPhone 12 Pro uses a 12MP sensor in all the lenses, while Samsung offers a 12MP sensor along with a 64MP zoom sensor.

And the price of the two smartphones starts at $ 999, meaning that the price is not a decisive criterion that favors this or that device.

And if the battery is the most important to you, then the Samsung phone offers better performance, because the battery capacity of 4800 mAh is superior to the iPhone battery, which does not exceed 2815 mAh, but the screen of “Samsung” consumes more energy.

Despite this, experts say that Samsung is known for its less efficient phones compared to the iPhone, and therefore, the life of the two batteries may be close, despite the difference in the declared capacity.


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