Iran criticizes Israel’s threats to draw up military plans targeting the Iranian nuclear program


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The director of Rouhani’s office in response to Israel’s statements: “They have no plan or ability to do so.”

Mahmoud Vaezi, the bureau chief of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, criticized Israeli statements regarding new plans for operations against Iran if the United States returned to the nuclear deal.

In response to a question about Iran’s response to the Israeli threats, Vaezi said: “Our people and the peoples of the region are aware of the literature repeated by the officials of the Zionist regime. They talk a lot and seek psychological warfare, and they have no plan or ability to do so,” according to the Iranian Fars news agency. .

“Our armed forces are trained to defend Iran, and the various maneuvers in which we participated are a sign that we do not intend to go to war, but we are serious about defending the country,” Vaezi added.

And General Aviv Kochavi, Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, said on Tuesday that his country’s army is renewing plans for operations against Iran, adding that any return to the United States of the nuclear agreement concluded in 2015 with Tehran would be a “mistake.”

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