Ismaili issued a statement against the referee, Ghazal Mahalla match


Ismaili club officials grievance against the arbitration performance in today’s team match against Ghazl El Mahalla in the Egyptian League, which ended in a positive tie with two goals for each team.

The Ismaili issued a statement of objection at the arbitration level, which came as follows: “The Ismaili puts his full confidence in Egyptian arbitration, and appreciates all efforts made to upgrade the arbitration system and use the mouse .. But with full recognition that the Ismaili does not invoke arbitration, but the effort of the players and the team was wasted through decisions. A mistake caused him to lose several points. ”

The Ismaili statement added, “It is inconceivable that everyone reported the correctness of the Ismaili goal in the National Bank match, but the issuance of the match ruling whistled and the hate on its way to the target prevented the interference of the mouse and everyone recognized this mistake and reported the validity of the Ismaili goal, however this ruling is assigned to the fugitive in the spin match. Mahalla. ”

He continued, “Where two penalty strikes were counted against the Ismaili, the first came from the defender’s feet to his hand without moving it, and the second was counted as a penalty for the Ismaili defender who played the ball and without any friction with the attacker of Ghazl al-Mahalla, and the match ruling was close to the game and did not count it, but the mouse referee returned it and counted it. ”

The statement concluded: “Therefore, the Ismaili directs to consider that these errors deprived the team of points it deserved.

The club does not question any individual about the arbitration system, but he wishes the referees committee to review all the mistakes that occurred against the Ismaili and work not to repeat them, and we are fully aware that the errors of arbitration and the fugitive are wanted, but repeating them more than once with the Ismaili deprived him of the points he deserves.


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