Ismaily tied with Pyramids 1/1 in the missed chances match in the league


A positive tie settled the match between Ismaily and Pyramids with a goal for each team, in the match that was held between them at the Ismailia Stadium, in the postponed match of the eighth round of the Premier League competition.

Mohamed Adel opened the match goals for Ismaily in the 14th minute, taking advantage of an elaborate cross from his colleague Mohamed Al-Shami from the left side. Pyramids quickly responded with the goal of a draw through Ramadan Sobhi in the 17th minute, reaching his fifth goal in the league so far.

With this result, the Ismaili club raised its score to 8 points in the thirteenth place, while Pyramids raised its tally to point 15 in fifth place in the table of the Egyptian Premier League standings.

Ramadan Sobhi became the top scorer in the league with five goals, equal to Youssef Ibrahim “Obama”, Zamalek player, and Ahmed Samir, playmaker for Talaia El-Geish team.

Ismaily started the first half with advanced pressure on Pyramids Club trying to score an early goal, which was achieved after a perfect cross from Mohamed El Shamy to find Mohamed Adel, who broke through the Pyramids defense to place the ball with a header in the far left corner on Sherif Ikrami, announcing the progress of the Dervishes in the 14th minute, but Pyramids did not give the Dervishes only 3 minutes to adjust the score through Ramadan Sobhi, who played a cross. Dudu El Gabas tried to play it, but she passes by him to surprise Mohamed Sobhi and settle his net.

Ismaily tried again to score the goal of progress and was very close to that, had it not been for the brilliance of Sherif Ikrami, who prevented the Angolan I see Babel from scoring the second goal of the Darwish from the cross of Mohammed Al-Shamy, one of the stars of the first half.

The events of the second half were balanced between the two teams, as each team tried to surprise the other team, but the attackers of the two teams failed to score Sharif Ekrami and Mohamed Sobhy.

Muhammad al-Shami wasted a very easy opportunity after he refused a gift from Shukri Naguib, after he passed him a cross that he shot far from Ikrami’s goal, to miss the most dangerous chances of the dervishes. Tamm with Mohamed Sobhy, but the ball hit the post, leaving the tie in control.

The two teams exchanged wasted opportunities in the last ten minutes, after the match became an argument between the two teams, and each team tried to snatch the three points, but the result remained the same, with a positive 1/1 draw.

Al Ismaily started the match with a formation consisting of:

Goalkeeper .. Mohamed Sobhi

Defense line: Mahmoud Al-Badri, Marwan Al-Sahrawi, Muhammad Ammar, Muhammad Bayoumi

Midfield: Mahmoud Dunga, Mohamed Adel

In front of them .. I see Babel, Muhammad Sadiq, and Muhammad al-Shami

Offensive line .. Fakhr al-Din bin Yusuf

While the formation of the pyramids came as follows:

Goalkeeper: Sherif Ekrami

Defense line: Ahmed Ayman Mansour – Ali Jaber – Omar Jaber – Tariq Taha

Midfield: Ramadan Sobhi – Nabil Dunga – Abdullah Al-Saeed – Mahmoud Hamada – Ibrahim Adel

Offensive line: Dudu Al-Gabas

Ismaily ranks fifteenth in the league table with 7 points, after he played 8 matches, won in a match, drew in four confrontations, lost three matches, and his players scored 9 goals and received 11 goals, and he still has a postponed match, while Pyramids ranks fourth with 14 points After playing 9 matches, he won 3, drew 5 and lost a game, and his players scored 11 goals and scored eight goals..

The ninth day’s confrontation between the two teams in the league competition, Ismaily excelled by achieving 4 victories, including back and forth in the first seasons of Pyramids in the league season 2014/2015, and a single draw in the second round 2017/2018, with a goal for each team, then Pyramids won in the last confrontations year before last With three goals to a goal, Pyramids also won the first round match of the League last season with a goal without response, scored by Dodi El-Gabas in the twelfth round of the competition at the Air Defense Stadium on January 7, 2020.

Pyramids also won against the second round of the league last season by three goals against a goal in the match that was held on September 24, 2020 in the 29th round of the competition. Pyramids scored a hat-trick by Tariq Taha, Muhammad Farouk and Nabil Imad, and the goal of the Dervishes was scored by Mohamed Makhlouf..

The Dervishes scored 14 goals, which he scored in all the confrontations, compared to only 10 goals for Pyramids, who missed the scoring on two occasions.


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