Issuing the ration card instead of damaged and lost, transferring the wife and adding the newborns electronically (link)


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The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade receives requests to obtain ration cards instead of damaged or lost cards electronically through the Egypt Support website. To submit the request online, one of the family members who are registered in the card is required to have his mobile phone number registered on the Egypt Support website. The ministry also receives requests to transfer the wife from the card Her father’s family to her husband’s card.

Citizens can register the mobile number on the Egypt Support website for the beneficiaries of the food supply and bread support system, and the ministry uses these registered numbers to communicate with card owners and send any new instructions to them.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade confirmed the possibility of transferring the wife from the ration card of her family to the ration card of the husband through the digital portal and the Egypt Support website, provided that she is still spending the ration course in her family’s card
The family member who benefits from the support system enters on Egypt support site Who is here and chooses a list of “catering services for citizens”, and many options appear as follows:

  1. Register your mobile and choose between an active ration card or a new issuance card.
  2. Replacement for damaged and lost, and the choice is made between submitting a replacement for damaged and lost and inquiring about replacement for damaged and lost.
  3. Transfer from one governorate to another.
  4. A new publication and a choice is made between a social chapter, a new edition, and a search for a social chapter.
  5. Activate the card and receive the password.
  6. Resend the password.

You can also access the Digital Egypt website from Here And choose catering for the registered, choose catering and choose from the following list:

  1. Issuing a new ration card (in the event that a new card is created and the wife is joined)
  2. Issuing a replacement for a lost supply card.
  3. Issuing a replacement for a damaged food card.
  4. Activate a ration card.
  5. Social class.
  6. Include my family members (to add new babies and wife)
  7. Transfer from one governorate to another.

Earlier, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade denied rumors about citizens being removed from ration cards, stressing that no citizen will be removed due to income or pension, noting that about 568,000 new ration cards have been issued for the benefit of the most needy families, and births are added to a maximum of 4 individuals for any A new ration card to be issued or new additions to existing cards.

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