“It’s pizza”: Denmark comments on the crisis of the Slovenian national team in Egypt


He denounced Slovenian Federation On Monday, for handball, what he described as the “unfair” Egyptian organization of the World Championship, after 12 of its players were subjected to food poisoning on the eve of the decisive match with the host team, according to a statement issued after being excluded from the main round.

The Slovenian General Secretary, Goran Cjic, wrote after a 25-25 draw with Egypt national teamAnd exclusion from the second round by a point from the host: “We are not satisfied with the unfair organization of this year’s championship in Egypt“.

“About 12 players from our team were exposed to food poisoning in the 24 hours leading up to our match with Egypt,” the statement added, adding that the Egyptian organizers “did not care much” about the issue.

“The young men were screaming in pain, vomiting and running to the bathroom as if their lives depended on it,” said Al-Ittihad, whose team reached the semi-finals of the European Cup 2020.

The statements of the Slovenian Union caused widespread controversy, and Hisham Nasr, President, responded quickly Egyptian Handball Federation, Who expressed his admiration for her.

وقال President of the Egyptian Federation Sky News Arabia website: “It is not correct to repeat these rumors. The tournament is professionally run under the supervision of the International Federation, and the hotel in which Slovenia resides is of the highest level.”

Nasr added, “There are a number of other teams inside the same hotel besides escorts and press missions, all of them eating from an” open buffet “, and no one has complained about food, in addition to the permanent presence of the Egyptian Ministry of Health in the place to monitor everyone’s health status.

And he established the Slovenian national team since his arrival in Cairo In one hotel with many teams, including the Egyptian team itself and Sweden, it is not allowed to leave the place as part of the health bubble procedures that were dealt with due to circumstances Corona Virus.

But the Egyptian denunciations to the strange accusations were not the only reaction of this kind, as the sports director of the Danish Federation stated that he had pictures of the members of the Slovenian delegation ordering meals from outside the hotel, specifically “pizza”.

He was considered the sporting director Morten Henriksen He told “TV2” that he had evidence that the Slovenes did not look after themselves properly.

He continued: It is a bit funny (when he was informed about this complaint) … as we have pictures confirming that the Slovenes ordered food from abroad.


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