Jamal Suleiman bids Hatem Ali before his burial in Syria with a moving message


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Syrian artist Gamal Suleiman sent a moving farewell message to his friend and fellow late director Hatem, who died two days ago from a sudden heart attack while in Cairo.

“Suleiman” wrote on his official Facebook account and before the return of the late director’s body to his hometown Syria: “My brother and my friend, the creative director Hatem Ali … I am writing to you while you are on the plane that takes you to our homeland, Syria, on an eternal return, and I am here in Cairo. Today was our last farewell. I do not know when we will meet again, but there is no doubt that we will meet. ”

Al-Masry Al-Youm interviews “Gamal Suleiman” – an archive photo

Jamal Suleiman continued: “We and I had talked at length on Monday about work and you told me that you will start filming at the beginning of the year, and we agreed that we will be together after two days to bid farewell to the current year and welcome the next year, and we wished it would not be as bad this year, but the destinies changed the dates and plans, so no The camera will find you behind, nor will the new year find you. It has become in another kingdom where there are no names or numbers for days and months, and there are no limits in it between years. ”

He added: “Your sudden departure brought about a great shock, and left a grief not only among your family and friends and all those who were happy to work with you and narrowed their path a lot, but in all parts of the Arab world. People mourn you with great sorrow and say that you were a great director and an intellectual who left them an exceptional artistic legacy that will always live in their conscience. They are right to say this. ”

“Suleiman” continued: “I always blamed you for not being satisfied with what you offer .. After every great success you were making it with your dedication, perseverance, sincerity and attention to the smallest details. I was sad because you do not live the joy of success as you are entitled to live it.” And you used to tell me, “We could have done it better.” You were talking about defects that no one paid attention to, and I was upset and told you, Oh man of perfection to God, let go of these details and celebrate success, you deserve it, but you were a harsh critic of yourself. You loved people and believed in their awareness and intelligence, and you believed that they deserve to know the truth, and that you did not do enough for that.

He continued: “Today, those who sought to enjoy their hearts and minds say their word in you, which will undoubtedly please your soul and make you finally believe, my brother and friend, that you succeeded in reaching them, and they appreciate it .. What was said about you proves that people are as you always saw them. They know the difference between chaste and precious, and between truth and fabrication. What they say to you is an expression of their rejection of the triviality of their bias towards value..As for us, your colleagues in this profession, we owe you a lot. On behalf of all of us, I have fought to take artistic work to unprecedented levels, open new horizons, and set a new standard for what the production and artistic process should be. To you we owe many of our successes because you put us in front of a great challenge after you had created all the conditions for us. With you, we were reassured and knew that every detail, no matter how small, was necessary not only because it was beautiful and impressive, but because it was meaningful.

Suleiman continued in his message: “As for my personal and professional journey with you, it is a long story full of technical, human and intellectual details. We will talk about it too long, but in order not to be too long, I will suffice here by saying thank you .. I was honored to work with you, and despite all the difficulties and challenges I was happy and proud. . Thank you, my friend, that you trusted me and gave me your friendship … Thanks for every time you asked me to repeat the shot in a different way .. Thanks for every time you told me “We can do it better.”

Jamal Suleiman concluded his message: “Nothing will compensate for your loss with your wife and your companion, Dalaa, and your children, Omar, Ghazal and Ghalia, but it is sure that they will always remain in our hearts and we will remain with them as one family. To go back and search for it to use it to say goodbye. ”

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