Katonga: My participation in the World Cup in Egypt is a big dream


Karim Hendawy, goalkeeper of the Egyptian national handball team, confirmed that his participation in the World Cup on the land of Egypt is a historic moment and a great dream in light of his country hosting a strong event in this exceptional atmosphere, and Katonga indicated that the Chile match, despite winning over them by 6 goals, has witnessed mistakes He surpassed it during the next stage in the rest of the group matches.

Karim Hindawi also believes that the absence of the fans from the stands in the World Handball Cup did not stop the ambition of the national team, stressing at the same time that the presence of the audience would have made the difference, but the current circumstances force everyone to this situation.

The Egyptian handball team defeated its Chilean counterpart 35/29, with a difference of 6 goals from the opposing team, in the opening match of the World Championship to be held in Egypt from January 13 to 31.

The brilliance of the Egyptian handball team prevented the opposing team from advancing in the match, as Mohamed Mamdouh Hashem, Yahya Khaled, Sanad, and Ali Zain and their companions made the difference in the match, in addition to the goalkeeper’s brilliance in being an impenetrable block in front of the Chilean players, This makes the task of the Egyptian national team easy, in the next two matches against Sweden and Macedonia, respectively.


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