Kawthar structure with her bird in the cage of eternity


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Whenever I meet her, I try to listen to her interesting and cheerful narration, about her lover, who became her husband and inspired the great artist, Abu Bakr Ezzat.

In the last five years, I no longer met her, and respected her silence, and I did not even ask my friend Dr. Khaled Montaser, the husband of her daughter, the writer Samah Abu Bakr, the great writer Kawthar Haykal kept occupying a warm space in my heart, and I had a good space that would allow me to sail with her with the sweetest and most important person with whom she lived for about 30 years, and after that he lived in her conscience for 15 years. I loved Professor Abu Bakr, an artist and a person.

I always discovered in every conversation I had with Kawthar Haykal that Abu Bakr sits next to us, and with time increasing presence and loneliness, she sees the audience in her eyes and hears the brutality in the tones of her voice, he was the first to utter the term (the sofa) party, he and his close friend Salah Al-Saadani exchanged This (the ivy), after the areas of their stay in the house increased, and the code name for both of them became (Kanabawi).

Kawthar never acknowledges the sofa, as it is always in a state of mental and physical activity. Whenever we meet, positive energy radiates across the space.

Hussein Kamal was the director who believed in her talent most since she worked with him as an assistant director on his TV movie (Raneen), then he used her to write the dialogue for his wonderful film with Faten Hamama (Empire Mim) until the most important meeting (My Love Always) came in 1980, then (The Virgin) And white hair) and others.

Abu Bakr Ezzat was one of the first to make their way to stardom on the stairs of Maspero Al-Waleed, and that was the beginning of the sixties, so he was a hero in TV series and plays. In) complete, and the message reached him directly, there is no time for misery, so he took the story seriously, he just wanted to make sure that it was on the wave in everything, and its determination in the first meeting, on the head weft) and accepted the challenge, and proved to him its worth and even superiority and devoured with him all The dishes were consecutively, and when he told her to Licky in (the jewel), she did not hesitate for a moment to announce that she had a text, until she discovered that she was the eyes of the calf, so she completely stopped completing the challenge, but she completed the path of marriage.

Abu Bakr was not only the husband and the beloved, but the inspirer. I wrote to him (a bird in the cage), the husband Abu Uyun Zaiga, and also wrote while monitoring the marital life (on a quiet fire). And just as (Meat of the Head) was the secret of the relationship with Abu Bakr, so the kofta with rice was the secret of Hussein Kamal, they had a joint film and Hussein told her that he would come to her to read, and she had not written anything. She was busy doing a house doing kofta with rice, and before he declared his anger and left the house The smell of kofta stopped him while frying, he expressed his admiration and gave him one, so he got angry more, and he did not leave the house unless he was loaded with the whole quantity.

Kawthar Heikal left us yesterday, she did not get what she deserves in the media, except that her dramatic imprint is impossible to leave us. She moved to live with her bird Abu Bakr Ezzat in the cage of eternity !!.

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