Khas … Omar Khorshid’s brother reveals a surprise about his relationship with Maha Abu Auf and Sharr


09:30 AM

Sunday 17 January 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

Ihab Khorshid revealed that his brother, the late guitarist Omar Khorshid, was married to the Lebanese “Dina” in his first marriage, and the artist Maha Abu Ouf in his second marriage.

Ihab said, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy,” that “Omar” died and “Dina” and “Maha” were in his custody, and he did not separate from them, explaining that he had not fathered any children.

He added, “Maha Abu Auf and Dina, and Sherihan, Omar Khorshid’s sister, were not loyal and trustworthy to him, because they were aware of everything that happened.”

Omar Khorshid turned to Trend during the past few days, after all these years had passed since he was killed in a mysterious accident, in conjunction with the death of Safwat al-Sharif.

Omar Khorshid died on May 29, 1981 in a traffic collision after leaving Roland, along with his Lebanese wife “Dina” and their friend Madiha Kamel, at the end of Haram Street in front of “Khristo” restaurant.

Omar worked with many artists, most notably: Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Farid Al-Atrash, Abdel Halim Hafez, and Umm Kulthum. He began his cinematic work with a role in the movie “My Dear Daughter”, directed by Helmy Rafla in 1971, and starred Najat Al-Saghira and Rushdi Abaza. His first absolute starring role with the actress Sabah was in the movie “The Guitar of Love”.

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