Laila Kora source: Zamalek asks Zizou to close the departure file


The Zamalek club source said that the club management held a session with the player Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the team’s player, to talk about the offers he received.

Nader Shawky, the players’ agent, had said in statements over the past few days that the player had a big offer from the Emirates to leave Zamalek in January. (See from here)

A source in the Zamalek club said through Laila Koras statements today, Wednesday, that a session was held with the player to talk about the Emirati offer, and the player was notified of the refusal of the idea of ​​leaving, especially as it is one of the essential elements in the team.

Club officials promised Zizou to materially change his contract when it was renewed.

Zamalek had contracted with Zizo in January 2019 from Moreirense, Portugal, with a contract linking him to the White Castle for 3 and a half seasons.

For his part, Mohamed Habashi, Zizou’s agent, confirmed through previous statements at Leela Kora that his client does not have a penalty clause in his contract and can only leave with the approval of the White Club (See from here)


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