Learn about the most prominent events of the series “Lulu ‘, Episode 7 Seven, on ON Channel, starring Mai Omar


The audience is waiting for the presentation of the new episode of the drama series Pearl, starring the rising star Mai Omar, and with the beginning of the broadcast of the work, the work received the attention of the followers and it was issued by the famous search engine Google, and the views of viewers were divided about the series, as some praised Mai Omar’s performance and others launched a harsh attack on the heroes of the work. Where many believe that the story of the series Louloua was presented before.

Pearl Series Episode 7

The events of the Lu’lu ‘series revolve around a young woman named Sunni who lives in a children’s shelter after her mother entered prison with a plot by her father, who was suffering from his bad treatment, and Lu’lu’ dreams of becoming one of the most important singers in Egypt, but she faces many obstacles and problems, but she tries hard to achieve Her dream.

The Lulu series is shown daily from Saturday to Wednesday on the ON satellite channel, at exactly 7:45 pm, according to the timing of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Palestine, Libya and Jordan, and at exactly 8:45 pm, according to the timing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait.

The events of the series Pearl of the seventh episode

After “Suniya” Lu’loua enters the shelter in which she is raised and grows up, she gets to know Marwa, who becomes her close friend, and they agree to escape from the shelter in the hope that their conditions will improve. Indeed, “Sunni” succeeds in escaping with her friend and then escapes from the shawarma seller and breaks into “Tariq ”’s car, who in turn He responds to her and orders the driver to help her escape, and the next episode of the Lu’lu`a series will witness many surprises and interesting details.

The Louloua series, starring the actress May Omar, Ahmed Zahir, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, Mohamed Mahran, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Hedy Karam, Ashraf Zaki, Emad Ziada, Salwa Othman, Mohamed Ghoneim, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud

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